Stress Response 125 mg
Stress Response 125 mg
Stress Response 125 mg

Stress Response 125 mg


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Spagyric preparation of a plant is the only method that makes use of both the purified minerals and the organic acids that are so effective for wellness. Spagyric tinctures contain only the naturally occurring chemicals in plants.

From an energetic/chemical perspective, CBD is just one part of the whole cannabinoid spectrum. This spectrum is where the plant holds its synergy with the endocannabinoid system within the body. More and more research is supporting this and will continue to support this (Also known as the entourage effect). Any modifications to the natural spectrum of cannabinoids will degrade the synergy that nature intended the plant to have.

When a high-CBD hemp plant is extracted via CO2, a small part of the plants oil soluble elements are extracted and leaves behind all the terpenes. This makes for a more ‘pure’ extract, but lacks the full synergy the plant originated with. Both propane and butane extractions are also completely unnatural and can leave behind various chemical residues. Most importantly, no other solvent but alcohol can be organically sourced.

Hemp seed oil, chaga, Ashwagandha, alma, osha root, schisandra, astragalus, turmeric, red reishi, tulsi, gotu kola, turmeric and black pepper.
Contains: 12% organic grape alcohol, filtered rocky mountain water

1oz; 30ml bottle.


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My wife has been suffering from some long term, post operative issues and has been having difficulty eating. It is not that she isn't hungry, but after eating, the digestion process has been extremely painful resulting in serious weight loss. 

After using the Stress formula for two days along with the terpene rich CBD capsules, she is able to eat without pain. 

Nothing has worked this well for her and we have tried many different regimens.



I used a combination of Botana stress response tincture along with capsules with CBD and oregano oil after falling suddenly and seriously ill with a respiratory and kidney infection this spring. I absolutely did not want to resort to allopathic antibiotics yet knew, with the severity of the symptoms, that I needed something with equivalent power that could also support my whole system in fighting the infection and recovering. The kidney infection was very painful and a bit scary. Within 24 hours after taking these Botana products, the kidney infection symptoms cleared and the respiratory illness become manageable. I continued taking the products as I recovered and it supported sleep, quick recovery, and seemed to take care of the infection as well as antibiotics. I am very grateful this local product was available right when I needed it and allowed me to feel better than ever in the end. Blessings. Claire Zane Murphy