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Pure Relief Hemp Flower Collection

Our collection of hemp flower products is the first of its kind in the industry. Pure Relief CBD flower provides new and experienced users with a familiar method of consumption without compromising the potency and range of benefits that come with other CBD Products Whether you choose our CBD by the gram or our expertly rolled CBD Relief Rolls, you can rest assured knowing you are buying pure CBD extracts obtained from the finest industrial hemp. The best part is that our hemp flower products produce no psychoactive effects making them purely medicinal.

Consuming Hemp for CBD

Pure Relief Hemp Relief Rolls and the rest of our flowers deliver the same anti-inflammatory and soothing effects as other non-flower CBD products. So why choose hemp flower?

When inhaled, the effects of CBD begin to take effect almost immediately as it is quickly absorbed by the brain and lungs. For this reason, inhaling hemp benefits those struggling with symptoms that need fast relief like headaches and spasms.

Pure Relief

Pure Relief CBD flower products are never produced with artificial or synthetic ingredients. All of our products are formulated by licensed pharmacists, independently tested by a third-party lab, and made from industrial hemp sourced in the United States.

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