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Your health is so important.

My personal Journey.

Shock. The only word that enters my mind when a not so routine office visit resulted in an emergency room stay that ended with an appointment at the University of Chapel Hill's Oncology-Hematology unit. Never one to get sick, aside from normal seasonal allergies or the occasional annual flu bug. I was scared. I was angry. I immediately had a purpose. While busy living life, illness stopped me in my tracks. A wife. A mother. A daughter. An Aunt. A sister.

Now a fighter.

After 9 months spent undergoing treatment for a rare blood disease coupled with Multiple Myeloma, a bone marrow cancer. I received a stem cell transplant in 2014. Within a few months, my oncologist declared that I was in complete remission. The experience opened my eyes to the lifestyle changes I could make to keep myself in supreme health. Enter clean everyday living. Enter a plant-based diet.

Enter cannabis.

While recovering, I uncovered research that supported the use of cannabis oil to fight inflammation and supplement the body’s natural recovery systems. CBD (Cannabidiol) oil has made such a difference. It has given me relief from back pain, eliminated gastrointestinal issues, and helps me lead a healthier, better life.

My goal is to offer the same opportunities for relief to others. I promise to offer only the best products to aid you in your journey for better health. The brands we carry have been researched thoroughly and hand-picked by us for you. They share in our mission of medicinal healing. Thank you for visiting and we hope you become a benefiting member of the My Green House Community.  


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