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A disease that blindsided a family, began a journey to discover alternative methods for long term healing. MGH is dedicated to educating their community on the benefits of cannabis use. We believe in providing the best medicinal products to support your overall well being. All legal, natural and hand-selected with our customers in mind. Welcome to My Green House, providers of the best products and brands that recognize the benefits of hemp and cannabinoids to overall health.

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  • Locally Owned
  • NC Small Business
  • All legal products protected by the Farm Bill
  • A trusted educational source
Press coverage
"“So after that I just started digging into cancer and healing and it was like cannabis and CBD just kept popping up everywhere, “ DeLaney-Surratt says. “I learned that people were reversing their illnesses, that tumors were shrinking, that they were getting appetites back. Nausea was being controlled.” "
Here's how CBD products are helping these moms relieve stress
FOX 46 WJZY - November 02, 2018
Kim DeLaney-Surratt
Founder, Chief Branding Officer, 9803301335
Carolinas Cannabis Convention
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